eLearning for Visual inspection and control of asset integrity threats

How can Inspectegrity help you?

Our areas of expertise include:
Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) 1

Awareness Online Course
(Pinpointing Potential CUI Locations)

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) 2

Advanced Online Course
(Managing CUI Risk)

Plus many more available soon…

We have a list of other courses in the pipeline


About INSPECTEGRITY Based in Aberdeen, the oil capital of Europe, INSPECTEGRITY online courses are globally accessible anywhere and anytime for delegates to enhance and complement their existing knowledge of “inspection and maintenance of asset integrity threats”.

INSPECTEGRITY develops online courses for asset integrity threat such as CUI to provide awareness and guidance on how to inspect, repair and manage the associated risk with limited budget.

INSPECTEGRITY online courses (CUI Package) have been developed by Ardalan Maghami (Founder of INSPECTEGRITY), designed by electra learning, reviewed by technical authorities and sponsored by the OGTC.

To prevent and mitigate the effects of “Major Accidents” as per COMAH; and minimise “Un-planned Shutdowns” caused by integrity issues, the first step is to provide awareness and guidance to any personnel working on the asset team onshore and offshore with integrity issues. Without providing awareness and training, asset integrity threats such as CUI, CUPS, Trunnions will remain the main cause of production losses on onshore and offshore assets.